Unique additions for your next renovation

You know the basics of a renovation, adding a false ceiling, flooring or maybe paint. But that’s something almost everyone does. If you are really looking forward to standing out, here are some trendy renovation ideas for you. You can choose which renovation ideas suit your situation the best.

Sleek Kitchen

Gives a minimalistic look to the kitchen, which is one of the rooms where people spend their time the most right after the bedrooms. It’s a long-term investment, expect a 10 to 15-year warranty with your kitchen renovation. If you are not looking forward to a full-fledged renovation. This might be just the project you want to carry out.

Curved Tiles

Adds a unique (in a good way) vibe to your bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be functional if you want, obviously looks great. Just use it in light quantities, don’t overdo this one else your house will look like renovated just for the spooky Octobers.

Indirect Lighting

These give kind of a futuristic look to your house. You don’t really see these lights switched on, generally hidden behind wall fittings or false ceilings. You have a lot of color options you can try out that look good with your room.

Using C-forex blocks

This one’s useful if your renovation involves tidbits of construction. Replace the old-fashioned red bricks with lighter and easier to work with C-forex blocks. Increased speed of work also means lower worker costs. They are hollow, but that doesn’t mean they are any less reliable than the bricks.

Soundproof partitions

For soundproofing, use glass wool. It’s versatile, can be used any way you want plus looks great. Again, it’s easier to work with and effective, what more you want from your partitions.

Hanging lights in the dining area

Use hanging lights to get a nice low light dining feel. Throw a Chinese/bamboo styled hand-woven one to make it even better. It maintains a clean look and is cheap to get.


Whether you’re looking for a good traditional renovation or something trendy and unusual. Renomate is the best bet to make those changes for you, fill out a form today and we’ll get back to you with ideas.

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