Why you should choose 3D imaging over 2D drawings?

You come back home, look at your house and decide you need a renovation. Still, you no expert designer. If you’re anything like me, color palette doesn’t really concern you and have no affiliation with anything close to design. And going shopping with a girl will turn out to be a disaster. To make sure that doesn’t happen with your house renovation we have sketches made by designers. Either in the form 3D renders or 2D sketches.

What’s a 3D render

In layman’s terms, it’s a realistic look at how your house will look after the renovation is done. It’s as realistic as it gets. Renders make sure you get what you pay for and you and the contractor are on the same page. It’ll be computer generated by the designer after you agree of design, color, and materials. This can be generated with a couple of pictures of your house.

…And what about 2D images

These aren’t meant for the customers. It’s more like an internal memo used by designers, contractors and other professionals involved in your renovation project to make sure they all are on the same page. And the best part is they are working for more than a decade. They are cheaper but take a long time to make. Sometimes the time and delay don’t make it worth it. You will be able to look at how a house looks but won’t be able to get an idea about the color and materials you’ll be using.

Use 3D over 2D

3D renders are a little expensive and require some effort from your side but you will get the whole view with colors, materials, and everything. Again, that won’t exactly depict 100% how your house will look after renovation but it’s pretty damn closely. This also helps you set a realistic expectation about your renovation and make informed decisions.

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