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Advantages of Carpet Tiles


Easy to Install

This benefit is one of the most attractive benefits you will come across when it comes to Carpet Tiles, that it is very convenient and easy to install. They are modular and can be purchased in small units, making them easy to store, transport, and handle.


Floor Carpet Tile are very easy to handle in enclosed spaces and can be quickly installed over large areas which makes it a versatile product. These can also be used as an Office Carpet to hide any complicated cabling or ducting arrangements, making the area look very modern.


The Carpet Tiles Price is very affordable and cost-effective as well. They are minimum when it comes to waste, and are very convenient to transport. The key saving element is the installation cost because that takes a very minimal time for a professional installer, than it takes for a wall-to-wall carpet.


Carpet Tiles in India is known for their durability and lifespan. They have the ability to hold heavy traffic in busy spaces then be it offices or entertainment areas. However, you can specify the type of Carpet Tiles that suits your need and can be modified accordingly.

Product Photos

Athena Carpet Tiles

Cambria Carpet Tiles

Dusk Carpet Tiles

Green Carpet Tiles

Jasper Carpet Tiles

Merlin Carpet Tiles

Nylon Carpet Tiles

Strike Carpet Tiles

About Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring helps give your space a modern look. We provide carpet tiles and plank flooring for offices made from Nylon or Polypropylene. We are the sales partner to Ergonomics and we provide wall-to-wall soft floor coverings to commercial spaces. It offers the right balance of safety, comfort, performance and aesthetic pleasure.


Yes, they can be easily cleaned, shampooed and vacuumed. Ideally this process should be done once a month, depending on the number of footfalls.
Carpet comes in a variety of textures such as loop, cut, and frieze. These styles refer to how the fibers are arranged to create the feel, look, and texture of the flooring. One can choose from various colors schemes & patterns to achieve the design intent.
At Renomate, we use premium quality carpets with higher face weight which makes it durable for a long time.
Gluing method is used in installation of carpet tiles.They need to be glued to a leveled floor.
No, Carpet tiles are used for indoor purposes only.
Yes, they can be installed on any hard flooring, including tiles, marble or cement. The floor is just required to be leveled.
No, they don’t require any separate padding or cushioning.
For initial quotation, please complete our questionnaire to help us assess your requirements and advise you on the pricing accordingly within 24 hours.

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