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How we Work



Enhance your cinema experience whilst enjoying the comfort of your home. Reach out to us with your home theater requirements and our team will prepare a customisation plan accordingly.


After working on Personalising your home theater plan, an instant estimation for your interiors will be generated and submitted for your approval


With our experienced team, we would be able to smoothly install and enhance your home ambience for a better cinema watching experience.

Execution & Delivery

Once the product and pricing are finalized, we take over the complete monitoring of the project and ensure its quality inspection and timely delivery & handover.


Bandlaguda Nagole

Room Size : 18′ x 11′

Budget : 8 – 12 Lakhs including Acoustics & 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS Electronics 


Manchirevula Narsingi
Manchirevula Narsingi

Room Size : 19′ x 13′

Budget  : 8-13 Lakhs including Acoustics & 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS Electronics with SONY Projector


Private Residence

Room Size: 22′ x 14’6″‘
Budget: 10-15 Lakhs

Acoustics & 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS Electronics with SONY Projector


About Home Theater

Renomate is an authorized sales partner with Decibels across India. Along with our home theater partner firm, WaveWorks, we enhance your experience of watching a movie while enjoying the comfort of your home. The acoustics of your room and the way it is decorated can affect the sound almost as much as your home theater equipment. We help you optimize your room and also in the smooth installation of a home theater system, a combination of electronic components that is designed to get you more immersed in the watching experience than an ordinary television.


The traditional home theater includes 5 speakers: a center speaker, a left and a right speaker, two rear left and right speakers, and, of course, a subwoofer. We will help in the right installation to enhance your cinema watching experience.

  1. Screen – A good quality screen is required so that pictures are not pixelated.
  2. Projector – Ultra HD and 4K Projectors.
  3. Speakers – Bose, JBL etc.
  4. Seating – Recliners in fabric or leather, motorized or manual.
  5. Flooring- carpet or wooden flooring is preferred.
  6. Acoustics padding on the wall.

A minimum size of 170 sq ft is required for a decent home theatre. The width:length ratio is a very important aspect and a ratio of 1:4 is highly recommended. On the higher sound, large rooms of even 700-800 sq ft can give a very spacious sound movement feel, provided the acoustics are optimum.

Yes, the acoustics of the room contributes to more than 40% of the overall sound experience. Hence, it is extremely important to optimize your room accordingly.

Room size, room proportions, acoustic surfaces(absorption and reflection), speaker positions, distances from walls, seating positions, screen size, viewing angles.

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