Let's grow together

Partner with us and let’s grow our interior business together.

Partnering with Renomate.in

Partner with us and create new opportunities to expand your business more efficiently in local communities. With us, you get a partner not only for a couple of projects but for a lifetime.

Renomate markets for the whole community under one roof, one budget. All we want from you is quality service, it doesn’t matter how much cash flow you have or how big you are, what matters is the quality of service you provide to our customers. Better the service, the more leads you get.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when partnering with us. Don’t wait for an opportunity to come knocking by, take action and register with us now.

Who can partner with us

Furnishing stores

Freelance Designers and Architects

Modular and Furniture Factories

Here’s what you get

Assured quality leads

Grow quicker with consistent verified leads every month with us.

Support team

Close more clients with the help of our centralized sales team.

Access to our office

Conduct meetings, showcase products at our luxurious office(direct to contact page) and convert customers easily.

Positive cash flow

Provide better discounts on materials via wholesale buying resulting in more sales.

Our Selection Process

Step 1
One on one call to explain our business model.
Step 2
Online & Physical verification process.
Step 3
Setup for a long term business relationship.

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